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The most innovative website when it comes to athletic training.

Coach Barr has unique movement training methodologies that are dedicated to teaching people how to move better to improve their performance while reducing exposure to injuries.

This is a membership base website. The low cost membership provide you with access to exclusive, innovative Barrunning premium content  via video, podcast and written articles.

You can participate in forum/s dedicated to a specific interest, send questions directly to Coach Barr, and get access to information on movement and training not available anywhere else.

There are different levels of memberships which you can sign up for. Their is a coaches training only membership available to coaches either with permission or those coaches that have worked directly with Adarian Barr.

The different membership level provide access to various parts of the website from forums to content.

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Sample topic that is covered in-depth with simple explanations and applications concepts.


Memberships plans

Basic $3.00/week

Access to blog

Introductory Barrunning information

Access to Basic forum

Access to Barrunning terminology 

Pay to download content

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Acceleration $10.50/month

All about acceleration. For those athletes looking to learn to create higher impact. It isn't about force but about impact.

Batting, base stealing, 40yard dash, throwing, boxing, all sports, all positions

Access to Barrunning acceleration training

Access to acceleration forum

Access to training plans

Access to basic video content and articles

Video analysis 


Flexible Design

Running Fast 


All about running fast, regardless of the distance. Sprinters to distance runners.

Access to Running Forum

Access to running video content and articles

Access to training plans

Invite to google hangout sessions(fee)

Video analysis 


Coaches $10.50/mo

Access to coaching forum

Access to how to videos and articles

Invite to google hangout session(fee)

Easy to Use

Barrunning Coaches $15/month

Only for coaches that have had training directly with Adarian Barr or with permission only. access to monthly featured Google hangout session

Flexible Design

Barrunning Fitness Training 5.00/week


Fitness training the Barrunning way. Innovative fitness training designed to help you accomplish your fitness goals. Fun, challenging and positive results. Lose weight, get in shape, tone done or just feel good.

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