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Curious about Barrunning training concepts and methodologies?

This is the membership for you. You will have access to introductory Barrunning training information including basic articles and videos along with basic forum community. Great for those looking to explore.

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Fitness training the Barrunning way. Innovative fitness training designed to help you accomplish your fitness goals.

Fun, challenging and positive results. Lose weight, get in shape, get toned or just feel good.

Learn how sprinting can help you look better and feel great. Every move should be a sprint move.

Extra fee for personal training consultation


Black Hills HS


Track team members of Black Hills HS


Access to Black hills forum


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Coaches and Athletes


Looking for a different approach to teaching movement? This is the Barrunning community for you.

Learn a different perspective on movement and how to analysis to get more details.

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Advanced Coaching Group


Only for coaches who have worked directly with Adarian Barr, or with permission.

Access to monthly featured Google hangout session


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