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Placement of button and rationale

  • 26 Dec 2019 6:12 AM
    Message # 8394325
    Torey (Administrator)

    The insole has a button or bump that you will need to fit to your foot prior to fitting in your shoe. This can be the top of the bottom of the insole depending on feel. For a gyroscopic effect place button on bottom so that it interacts with shoe. For a more settling effect place button top to interact with foot. 

    The circle drawn on the foot is  the spot you want to be over the button of the insole.  The circle aligns with the second toe and is between the fold of the foot right in front of the fat pad of the foot. In font with the orientation running from the heel to the toes.  The reason for this is you want that spot to be engaged all the time.  Even when your weight has shifted from being flat footed to on your toes. This is what engages the achilles tendon and helps you create torque. The purpose of the design of the insole is to engage the 3 arches of the foot as shown in the photo.

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