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After 20 years of his own track career, Adarian Barr set out to share his passion and knowledge of movement with the next generation. Kicking off in 1995 at Chico State University, he worked with athletes of every skill level and history. After some time, it was clear that the default practices of the track and field world were flawed, and further more the fitness industry as a whole. The common practices then and now provide little to no improvement for a client's natural abilities and simultaneously introduce avoidable injury. A series of experiments with the conventional gear used by his students set a path for a series of breakthroughs that led to a complete overhaul of the movement paradigm. Whatever canons needed to be torn down were removed, all best practices questioned. Using nature's design at its base, Adarian was able to codify movement into core principles that provided infinite configurations. There is no one way of doing a lift, a pull, a push, or even how to run. It all comes down to the question "What are you trying to achieve?"

At Barruning these concepts have given birth the humble yet cutting edge programming and tools to re-establish a connection between the athlete and his own chassis.