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ReWire 3d insole

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The ReWire 3d insole is about controlling movement in a 3 dimensional plane from the ground up. Whether you are a skier or a runner, controlling your movement is the key to success. The insole is designed to activate the 3 arches of the foot. Improve gyroscopic functionality of the foot. Let the foot function as class 1 lever in the transverse plane. Let the foot transition from a class 1 lever to a class 2 lever. Provide torque. In short gain better control of your movement patterns. To learn more go to https://barrunning.com/sys/website/?pageId=18175, copy and paste link. Benefits 1. No arch support but activates the 3 arches of the foot to give you 100 percent load bearing capabilities. 2. Levels the 3 end points of the arches to give you superior stability. 3. Does not interfere with the foot operating as a class 2 lever. 4. Helps with transition from lever to lever during dynamic movement. 5. Torque And so many other benefits that regular insoles do not and can not provide. 1 pair carbon fiber insoles Note, Carbon fiber and Kevlar are fabrics. They are subject to tear while being remove from a shoe and thus are not designed to ne switched from one shoe to another. The tear does not reduce the functioning properties of the insole and is not a manufacture defect. It is recommended that they be placed under the factory insole or glued to the factory insole for best results. Best practice is, insert into shoe and leave in place. It can be placed under the the insole of the shoe or on top of.

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