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Arch-ticulation Arch strength trainer ( archticulation )

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The Arch-Ticulation Trainer is made of the kevlar/carbon fiber combination. It helps to train articulation of the arch which aids in the steering of the foot and foot alignment. The trainer helps teach pressure to improve arch strength. The patent pending Arch-ticualtion trainer helps improve your arch strength through articulation. It also helps you with learning to steer your movement better with your feet via articulation of your arch. Arch strength is important to force production and impulse creation during human locomotion. The Arch-ticulation trainer is designed to be used while barefoot. It is not designed to be used while wearing shoes. Best way to stand, run or walk? Most conversations on walking or running revolve around heel strike versus mid foot versus forefoot strike. When buying shoes the topic is on pronation, supination or neutral gait. The best way to move or get ready to move is by pre-tensing the foot via arch articulation. When moving be it running, jumping or throwing steering your feet is the most effective way to run, jump or throw. Shipping included

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