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Resellers of ReWire 3d insoles

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For those that are authorized to resell ReWire 3D insoles. 20 pairs. Note if you want all carbon fiber or a combination of carbon fiber, kevlar or Carbon fiber/Kevlar The ReWire 3d insole is about controlling movement in a 3 dimensional plane from the ground up. Whether you are a skier or a runner, controlling your movement is the key to success. The insole is designed to activate the 3 arches of the foot. Improve gyroscopic functionality of the foot. Let the foot function as class 1 lever in the transverse plane. Let the foot transition from a class 1 lever to a class 2 lever. Provide torque. In short gain better control of your movement patterns. The carbon fiber is sandwiched between 1mm thick foam of various color. To learn more go to https://barrunning.com/sys/website/?pageId=18175, copy and paste link. Benefits 1. No arch support but activates the 3 arches of the foot to give you 100 percent load bearing capabilities. 2. Levels the 3 end points of the arches to give you superior stability. 3. Does not interfere with the foot operating as a class 2 lever. 4. Helps with transition from lever to lever during dynamic movement. 5. Torque And so many other benefits that regular insoles do not and can not provide. 1 pair carbon fiber insoles Note, Carbon fiber and Kevlar are fabrics. They are subject to tear while being remove from a shoe. The tear does not reduce the functioning properties of the insole and is not a manufacture defect. Best practice is, insert into shoe and leave in place. It can be placed under the the insole of the shoe or on top of.

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