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Why I am not a fan of knee drive and triple extension

  • 23 Nov 2018 8:14 PM
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    Torey (Administrator)

    Intentional knee drive and intentional triple extension are two unnecessary movement action taught in run fast and faster training.  I find them very unnecessary  because of the laws of physics. In motion until acted upon. The one question I always ask is when do you stop the knee drive and when do you stop the triple extension? as they will continue until you act upon them to stop them.

    So while you are waiting to figure out when to strop them you could have been on to your next step.

    Air time isn't bad is waiting in the air to come down that is bad when running.

    The biggest reason that I am not a fan of that action is hat it throws the timing off  big time. The more energy you put into the ground the faster transfers back to you.. So in the videos you will see how the athlete has no time to get ready for the next wave or impulse.

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